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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: Home to a vibrant music scene with a diversity of talented musicians, songwriters, music businesses and entrepreneurs, great live music venues and music festivals. Explore our music playlists and learn more about our artists and musical acts. Some we’re sure you’ll know, others perhaps not, but they’re all fuelling Hamilton’s eclectic and vibrant music scene. Rock, blues, jazz, hip hop, folk, country, punk, classical, electronic, children’s choirs, something experimental, and a lot more. And check out our Music Business Directory. If you're part of Hamilton's music community, be sure to add your listing today. It's your opportunity to connect with your peers, fans and supporters. We’ll certainly be looking for your input, recommendations, reviews and any cool content. Got a new release coming or a show in the city? Let us know. Read about what you can do on our website during our launch ramp-up month of August. Welcome to the Hamilton music scene. Welcome to our city of music.



The Old Centenary Church Is Setting Out To Transform Into Hamilton’s Newest Music Venue

... there are some exciting and lofty transformative and forward-looking ideas in the air for New Vision Church (formerly known as Centenary United Church at the northeast corner of MacNab and Main across from the bus terminal). These hopes and dreams are fitting for this grand old building, situated in the heart of downtown, having acoustic properties, heritage value, and room to seat over 300 to 1200 people.


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Canadian Federation of Musicians Labour Dispute Intends To End Exploitation at BreakOut West Festival

"While certain headline musicians performing concerts at the festival are paid, most receive no fee," explains Alan Willaert, Vice-President from Canada of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. "All Canadians deserve to be paid for their work and this must include professional musicians. This is a simple matter of social justice and WCMA's reluctance to meet this minimum standard is u nacceptable".

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