This one-day event will teach local music enthusiasts how to improve coverage of the Hamilton music scene and history on Wikipedia, and connect Wikipedia editors and enthusiasts with resources and experts in the scene. If you don’t know what an edit-a-thon is, read this page!

Getting concert and festival images uploaded is only one objective of updating Wikipedia content for Hamilton’s music scene.

People can reach out to event organizer before the event, to assess where their skills and interests lie. Wikipedia updating skills training can be done pretty quickly (and lots of interested people can try out their first few edits before the event even happens).

From the event page:

“We’ll be ready for attendees to arrive around 11am. There will be coffee and snacks available! There will be some short introductory remarks and then we’ll start training beginners. There will be experts on hand to help out people at all skill levels, whenever you arrive – so don’t be shy! Around 2pm, attendees are welcome to take a break and tour the HPL Makerspace on the 4th floor of the Central branch. An HPL staffer will show us the audio equipment and other creative tools, and talk about their investment in the music industry in the city. We’ll aim to wrap up and pack our possessions away around 5pm. We’ll need to be completely out of the room by 6pm.”

“If you’re interested in Hamilton’s music culture and history, but don’t know anything about Wikipedia, you may want to start by creating an account, or reading some of the Hamilton-related articles below. You can get some practice in by making your very first edit on an article that interests you. I suggest adding a piece of latest news about a tour, album release, or award to an existing article, or adding a helpful category to a page.”

Also look at the Wikipedia guides: Wikipedia:About#Contributing to Wikipedia and Wikipedia:About#Strengths.2C weaknesses.2C and article quality in Wikipedia.

If you don’t want to write, but have photos of concerts, festivals, storefronts and interiors of venues, record shops, record label offices, or other non-copyright-infringing music-related stuff, share it by uploading it to Wikimedia Commons and adding the link to it here.

There’s also lots of opportunity to do fact-checking and adding names and dates to Hamilton-related entities on Wikidata – metadata about people, places, and things.

For more information on this exciting event for local media content creators and music bloggers, visit