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The Old Centenary Church Is Setting Out To Transform Into Hamilton’s Newest Music Venue

… there are some exciting and lofty transformative and forward-looking ideas in the air for New Vision Church (formerly known as Centenary United Church at the northeast corner of MacNab and Main across from the bus terminal). These hopes and dreams are fitting for this grand old building, situated in the heart of downtown, having acoustic properties, heritage value, and room to seat over 300 to 1200 people.

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Calling Music Bloggers – #HamOntMusic Wikipedia Editing Party October 19th

This one-day event will teach local music enthusiasts how to improve coverage of the Hamilton music scene and history on Wikipedia, and connect Wikipedia editors and enthusiasts with resources and experts in the scene. If you don’t know what an edit-a-thon is, read this page! Getting concert and festival images uploaded is only one objective of updating Wikipedia content for Hamilton’s music scene. People can reach out to event organizer before the event, to assess where their skills and interests lie. Wikipedia updating skills training can be done pretty quickly (and lots of interested people can try out their first...

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Cole Chalupka, Drumline Quad Player: ‘Drumline Has Had A Big Impact On Me’

Cole Chalupka is just a regular guy from Carlisle, Ontario. Or so you might think, until you spend a few minutes chatting and you discover he has done some pretty exciting stuff inside the world of precision drumming, putting him at the age of 17 within the ranks of an elite group of physically and mentally disciplined musicians who compete in Drum Corps International.

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Artist and Industry Spotlight: Grant Avenue Studio’s Andrew MacPhail

As received from Grant Avenue Studio: Sometimes, when making albums, one sees more of the team involved than they do their own family and friends, so we’d like to take this opportunity to let you get to know our little Grant Avenue family better. This month we are featuring Mister Andrew MacPhail (Personality type: ENTJ-A) Andrew comes to us with a life-time of musical experience, AND he is an all-around nice guy. We asked him some questions and here is what he had to say… 1. How long have you been at Grant Avenue Studio? 2 1/2 years 2....

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