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Artist and Industry Spotlight: Grant Avenue Studio’s Andrew MacPhail

As received from Grant Avenue Studio: Sometimes, when making albums, one sees more of the team involved than they do their own family and friends, so we’d like to take this opportunity to let you get to know our little Grant Avenue family better. This month we are featuring Mister Andrew MacPhail (Personality type: ENTJ-A) Andrew comes to us with a life-time of musical experience, AND he is an all-around nice guy. We asked him some questions and here is what he had to say‚Ķ 1. How long have you been at Grant Avenue Studio? 2 1/2 years 2....

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Canadian Federation of Musicians Labour Dispute Intends To End Exploitation at BreakOut West Festival

“While certain headline musicians performing concerts at the festival are paid, most receive no fee,” explains¬†Alan Willaert, Vice-President from Canada of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. “All Canadians deserve to be paid for their work and this must include professional musicians. This is a simple matter of social justice and WCMA’s reluctance to meet this minimum standard is u nacceptable”.

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