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New Release From Steelpan Artist Luckystickz Is Pure ‘Magic’

Luckystickz is a singer-songwriter/recording artist and a premier Steelpan/percussionist in Canada. He has performed and worked for such much legends as Harry Belafonte, Brian Mcknight and Chili (of TLC). Music has given Luckystickz the opportunity to perform internationally to Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the United States, and throughout Canada. Luckystickz released his single and music video “Magic” which was filmed in the Cayman Islands and will be featured on his forth coming E.P. Every Day Battle releasing in...

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Mike McCurlie’s Ode To The Historic Bayvista Farm

Mike McCurlie wrote the song about the historic Bayvista Farm and the Betzner family that has been working the soil and living there for over 200 years. McCurlie’s comments on YouTube: I really had no choice. Once I started delving into the history of the Betzner family, I had to write the song. Actually, it kind of wrote itself. Surely it was one of the highlights of my musical career to perform at the Bayvista Farm 200th reunion on Sunday. And since the theme of the song is about the beauty of the farm, I knew Dave Betzner had...

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