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Terra Lightfoot Paradise (Official Video)

Mike McCurley and Dave Betzner Bayvista Farm 200 Years

This Mad Desire Operators Are Standing By

Luckystickz Magic

James Wyatt Crosby Pray On It

Brad Cheeseman All In

Zyla & the Meatbags Baked Again (fast)

Matt Paxton “Baby Don’t Go” – In-Studio Performance

Canadian Federation of Musicians Labour Dispute Intends To End Exploitation at BreakOut West Festival

“While certain headline musicians performing concerts at the festival are paid, most receive no fee,” explains Alan Willaert, Vice-President from Canada of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. “All Canadians deserve to be paid for their work and this must include professional musicians. This is a simple matter of social justice and WCMA’s reluctance to meet this minimum standard is u nacceptable”.

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Mike McCurlie’s Ode To The Historic Bayvista Farm

Mike McCurlie wrote the song about the historic Bayvista Farm and the Betzner family that has been working the soil and living there for over 200 years. McCurlie's comments on YouTube: I really had no choice. Once I started delving into the history of the Betzner...

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The Sound Clip On Our Splash Page

The  funky tune that is on our splash page is the title track from the EP "Greasy" by Hamilton band Grease Monkey. The group's EP was released in 2016 and is available for purchase on Bandcamp. Greasy by GreaseMonkey The band is excited to have their music clip...

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