As received from Grant Avenue Studio:

Sometimes, when making albums, one sees more of the team involved than they do their own family and friends, so we’d like to take this opportunity to let you get to know our little Grant Avenue family better.

This month we are featuring Mister Andrew MacPhail (Personality type: ENTJ-A)

Benjamin Washington photo of Andrew MacPhail

Andrew MacPhail at the Grant Avenue console. Photo by Benjamin Washington.

Andrew comes to us with a life-time of musical experience, AND he is an all-around nice guy. We asked him some questions and here is what he had to say…

1. How long have you been at Grant Avenue Studio? 2 1/2 years

2. Where were you born? Hamilton Ontario Canada. McMaster hospital.

3. Are you a musician? Yes, I am a musician.

4. What is one of your earliest musical memories?

As a child, I had a small toy drum which I would play around the house. Associated with this instrument my earliest musical memory was when I brought it to the Hamilton International Military Tattoo accompanying my parents. I would have been 3 or 4 years old. It was here I heard some of the wonderful music presented by military bands from Canada and all around the world, both Brass and the Pipes and Drums. That would be my earliest vivid musical memory.

5. What is the strangest gig you’ve ever played or recorded?

The strangest gig I never expected I would find myself playing would have to include providing the music for a Seal Team 4 weapons demonstration at Little Creek Naval Base in Virginia. A great day of exercises displaying military tactics by absolute professionals in their field was truly exceptional to see and be a part of. Humvees, helicopters, assault boots, snipers and even German Shepherd’s were all participants. With some inspiring music, the event went off with a bang!

6. If you were not in the music industry, where would you see yourself?

I absolutely love to eat drink and socialize with wonderful people, so if I were not in the music business I would most likely have my own restaurant. That career choice might be short-lived as, as I have said (I love to eat, drink and socialize;)

7. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

When I think hard to myself and close my eyes, Where do I see myself in 10 years? Hopefully in the same size jeans.

8. What do you do outside of life in the studio?

Outside of studio life I play in an international performing act called The American Rogues. We absolutely love playing together and travelling has been such an amazing experience in my life.

9. What are some of your other interests?

Some of my interests besides music include seeing the world and meeting the people in it. I have been so blessed to have a life of travel throughout North America and some of Europe and Asia. Meanwhile along the way Golf, fishing, whiskey (a well earned occasional beverage) but it’s not really what you do it’s who you do it with. So in terms of my interests outside of music; friends and family are at the top of the list.

10. What would you choose for your last meal of life?

For my last meal I think I would like to have a good breakfast, for the long journey ahead. Perhaps steak and lobster eggs Benedict, with a stiff Bloody Mary. However, knowing me I probably will not have an appetite…

11. Tell us a memorable moment spent at Grant Avenue Studio.

All of my moments at Grant have been memorable, but when we transferred the tapes for Plans of My Own (Gordon Lightfoot) and did some overdubs for Gord to listen to. It felt incredibly special for me to witness that and be a part of the productive process.


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