Christien Ledroit
Composer of contemporary concert music, arranger with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra’s Indie Series, guitarist for Hamilton rock/punk band The Castor Troys.
Nathan Fleet
I make stuff. I run stuff. I watch stuff. I teach stuff.
Nathan Fleet
Piper Hayes Duo
Millgrove, ON
Piper’s songwriting has reminded audiences of legendary musicians such as the Bare Naked Ladies, Tracy Chapman and Melanie Safka. She does not shy away from any subject matter, and has a desire to spread authentic storytelling, socially conscious music and a zest for life across all her platforms.
Ron Palangio
58 Greyfriar Drive
Hamilton Ontario
L9C 4S2
Versatile and Experienced guitarist fluent in many styles and genres. Excellent sight reading skills. Background and lead vocalist.
905 318 5422