Famous Framus
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A phrase has been often used to describe the rootsy songwriting style of Famous Framus. Born in Hamilton Ontario, he grew up fast on the streets of the “Gritty City”. As kid he was mesmerized by a man who would come to family parties and play guitar and sing old country songs at the kitchen table all night. This left a lasting impression. He cashed the first “real” paycheck he ever got and bought an acoustic guitar. A couple of years of wood-shedding the basics followed. He put the guitar down for the next few years to concentrate on working in a steel mill, breaking things, and generally raising hell.
General Admission
Music. Exploring under-recognized genres, albums and songs.
Lava Dolls
Three-headed Canadian noise monster LAVA DOLLS is a volcanic rock machine with an unstoppable greed for Molotov cocktail riffs, inflammable hooks and slashing drum/bass eruptions.
L9C 5R6
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3 noisey boys.
Rat Parade
We’re three noisey boys from Hamilton that play loud and fuzzy rock and roll music. Giving you tinnitus since 2017.