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Tiger and Bloom Release ‘Passion’ – (And It’s Amazing)

YIN & YANG. Opposite forces. Complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world that give rise to each other as they connect. Canadian pop duo Tiger & Bloom is a fusion of two opposing energies that have come together in their relentless love, passion and obsession for creating music. The stars aligned in 2015 when Tiger Rose (vocals, guitar, drums) and Rikki Bloom (vocals, piano, synth) met while pursuing musical careers in their own right, looking to be revived and rejuvenated in their songwriting. They began their new journey, hungry to create something beyond this universe, expressing themselves musically...

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Local Ticketing Platform Brüha Launches Promoter Program To Build Live Music Audiences

Local ticketing startup Brüha launches Promoter- the world’s first platform to help event organizers sell more tickets and event promoters earn more income Hamilton, ON., – [April 30, 2018] – Local event technology startup Brüha is launching Promoter, the world’s first solution that connects Event Organizers to local event Promoters who directly help them sell more tickets for a commission on every sale. Promoter is the latest feature integrated into the company’s event registration platform. Since the company’s inception, Brüha’s focus has been around building community, and helping organizers solve their biggest issue today- low attendance at their events....

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