Getting Events Listed Used To Be Painful

But now we’re Using

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By Glen Brown

The biggest complaint I’ve heard about event listings in Hamilton is, “There’s no single place where you can search and find everything that’s going on musically.”

And because of that, life is hard for event creators, artists, performing organizations, and audiences.

Not only is it hard to find out what your options are for any given night out on the town, but if you’re a community musical group trying to set a date for a concert six or eight months ahead of time, it’s hard to know what other groups are doing, so that you can avoid booking your show on the same night as a “competing” act. You can’t coordinate your shows.

“I would have gone to your show… if I’d only known about it!”

In Hamilton we have dozens of sources of concert information: The Spectator, View Mag, Urbanicity, Bruha, IHeartHamilton, Hamilton Blues Lovers, Hamilton Musician, venue websites, Facebook, Reverbnation, Songkick, BandsInTown, and even Kijiji.

But no list is complete.

Many audience members don’t even bother looking in these places. They just rely on word of mouth.

To achieve a sense of wholeness and unity in event listings would be a BIG WIN for everyone!

With the launch of the Hamilton City of Music event listing, we are boldly going to solve this problem once and for all.

“With the launch of the Hamilton City of Music event listing, we are boldly going to solve this problem once and for all.

We can do it in Hamilton.


First reason, we have this website which has been formed by consensus of all the major industry players in Hamilton.

Second, because we have the community spirit and the engagement of key sector leaders and influencers who can make it happen. Hamilton is sometimes described as “Canada’s biggest small town”. It’s big, but not overwhelming. There is a community that can reach critical mass quite easily, with the main movers and shakers on board.

Third, we have a very powerful tool – – that was created precisely for this very purpose.

The database is huge. It is a free, embeddable tool that is automatically updated with new events. It allows for configuration based on city, tourism region, venue, artist name, or festival name, while at the same time putting your listing onto a province-wide listing which is maintained, monitored daily, and marketed nationally and internationally using your tax dollars.

The platform is super easy and quick to use if you are creating events.

It is also super easy to use the search tool if you are looking for events.

Developed by Music Canada with support from the Government of Ontario, is an integral part of the Ontario Live Music Strategy. is made possible with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

A partnership of Ontario’s music industry, the Government of Ontario, Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership and Music Canada, the Ontario Live Music Strategy aims to strengthen the province’s position as a global leader for live music by developing, promoting and growing Ontario’s live music sector and music-based tourism, and boosting the overall economic impact of music in the province.

Check out the platform now. Start using it. Watch our event listings grow and come together.

And spread the word.