Mike Cameron is a photographer in Hamilton. His friendly face is a familiar sight at local concerts. Over the past several months he has built up a considerable body of photos documenting local music shows. Thank-you Michael for sharing your unique “through-the-lens” vision.

Mike is a former Cable 14 producer.

Set 1: Dirty Jeans Rock The Saint

August 11, 2015 at This Ain’t Hollywood.

Ashley Sloggett

Kelly Boag

Lindsay Bird

For more of this set see Mike’s flickr album

Set 2: Matty Simpson and Friends

Dave Pomfret, Mississippi Bends and Matty Simpson at Corktown

August 2017

Dave Pomfret

Andrew Aldridge, Mary Simon

Andrew Aldridge

Matty Simpson, Matt Burns, Justine Fischer

Matty Simpson

Matty Simpson

Justine Fischer

For more of this set see Mike’s flickr album

Set 3: Supercrawl Kickoff at Tim Horton’s Field

September 4, 2017

Chris Chambers, Melissa Marchese

Chris Chambers

Melissa Marchese

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Set 4: Cooking With Ian

March 10, 2016 Bay City Music Hall

Ian Andrews, Bill Dillon

Bill Dillon, Ian Andrews

Bill Dillon

For more of this set, see Mike’s flickr album

Set 6: Blues With A Feeling Fundraiser 2016

June 2016, Bay City Music Hall

Chris Cadell, Steve Strongman

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Set 7: Blues With A Feeling 2015

Jerome Godboo’s harmonica stand

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Set 8: The Inner Battle

June 3, 2016

Fundraiser for Mental Health Awareness, Zoetic Theatre

Bass Player Shadow

To view the entire set, go to Mike’s flickr album

Set 9: Good Girls Gone Bad

Fundraiser for Interval House, organized by Lori Yates

Lori Yates

Mary Simon, Terra Lightfoot

Michelle Titian

Ginger St James

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Set 10: A Night At The Casbah

February 18, 2015, Casbah

Hailee Rose

Dave Rave

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