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Avery Raquel
Come Right Back To You
My Heart Away

Sharon Musgrave

Jamila B. #1
Lady (produced by Kinetic Jones)

The Altobeelays
Unkle Furious

Kojo Easy Damptey
Chasing the Felon

Sara Green
I’m OK

Luckystickz & Marrlow Paisley
No Justice (Official Lyric Video)


Dirty Nil
No Weaknesses (Official Video)
Little Metal Baby Fist

The Dave Rave Experience
Let’s Shake

Dirty Jeans
Voodoo (Official Video)

Born Wrong
Loujack Cafe / Torch the Place / Wage Slave

Forgotten Rebels
Surfin’ On Heroin

Simply Saucer
Live at the Bandshell

Tongue Fu
James Street North – (Official Video)

TV Freaks
Love Fade / Pick My Brain / Regular Guy / Thirteen

Dave Rave & The Shakers feat. Gordie Lewis
Out The Door


Rita Chiarelli
Rest My Bones

Harrison Kennedy
Chain Gang Holler
I Can Feel You Leaving

Sonny Del Rio
Treat Your Baby Right

Joel Johnson
Burnin’ Hell

Alfie Smith

Steve Strongman and Brian Griffith
Woman Across The River

Jackie Washington
Young Man’s Blues

Jack DeKeyzer
My Love Has Gone

Steve Strongman
There’s Somethin’ Goin’ On



The City Harmonic

Jacob Moon
The Commissionaires Heaven Help Us All

Choral Music

The Hamilton Childrens Choir
Pakkanen (2012)

BR Xpression
Rock The Orchestra

Bach-Elgar Choir
Then One of Us Shall Be a Queen

Country / Rockabilly Music

Ginger St. James
Please Mister Driver

Mississippi Bends
Thinking In Rewind

Barry Mac
Down By The Sea

Rae Billing and Crybaby
Seven and Seven

Lori Yates
Sweetheart of the Valley

Doug Smith
Say You Love Me


Jessy Lanza
Oh No


Junior Boys
Big Black Coat (official video)

intro:goodby/Volumetric Clouds

Daniel Lanois
NPR Music: Tiny Desk Concert

Benjamin Muñoz
Dear Ennui


with Zack Shaw

h u t c h i e
Before I’m Sorry/Salty Wound/To Dope Tudo/Tankdog

Trevor Turple
After Ever


Nathan Fleet
Blame It On My Guitar

Fool’s Union
Break Through (Official Video)

Monster Truck
Ain’t Nobody Goin’ To Tell Me How To Live

Angel of Death (Barber Shop Podcast)

Dave Rave & The Shakers feat. Gordie Lewis
Out The Door

Our Broken Fate [Official Video]

Hip Hop / Rap

Surfin’ Surf

Living Life Lavish

Good Apollo & the Movement

Haolin Munk

Mother Tareka and the Rebel Funktion
Riot Break (live)

Emay – Bakkah
The History of Humankind
(Official Music Video)

Lee Reed
This Microphone

Canadian Winter
Plaid Shirts f/Queen Cee & Matt Coleman

Instrumental / World

Yiannis Kapoulas
Mystic Journey

Afternoons In Stereo
Eames in Dub



Darcy Hepner
Uptown Funk (live)

The Tom Altobelli Group
Hungry Hippos

Brenda Brown
Now and Then

Sophia Perlman and Adrean Farrugia
5-10-15 Hours

Kirk Starkey
Sound + Silence EO1

Avery Raquel
Without a Little Rain

New Releases

The Crowleys
Midnight Blue

Walk Off The Earth
NOMAD (Official Music Video)

Nathan Fleet
Blame It On My Guitar

Terra Lightfoot
Norma Gale (Official Video)

Fool’s Union
Break Through (Official Video)

Mike McCurley and Dave Betzner
Bayvista Farm 200 Years

This Mad Desire
Operators Are Standing By


James Wyatt Crosby
Pray On It

Brad Cheeseman
All In

Zyla & the Meatbags
Baked Again (fast)

Matt Paxton
“Baby Don’t Go” – In-Studio Performance


The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra
2015-16 Season Trailer

Boris Brott
United Anthems, by Maxime Goulet, MCO and Boris Brott



The Crowleys
Midnight Blue

Walk Off The Earth
NOMAD (Official Music Video)


Jacob Moon
Subdivisions Live… on the roof!

Dre Pao
Withoutchya (Feat. Illvibe) [Official Video]

Tiger and Bloom
Hearts On Fire

Burn The Louvre
Simpler Places (Official Video)

Folk / Alt-Folk

The Corduroys
Lazy Navigator
Visit The Corduroys directory listing

Camille Intson
Blood Moon [2015] (feat. Sam Boer and Liv Cazzola)

Emma vanDyk
What I Wanted

Timid, the Brave
Alice (official music video)

Sarah Beatty
Cold Night (original song) duo performance

Redhill Valleys
Either Or

Ash and Bloom
Let The Storm Come

Jeremy Fisher

Scott Orr
Slow Down

Fred Eaglesmith
Freight Train

Dawn and Marra
A Love Letter

The Vaudevillian
Spider Nest Blues on Saloon Sessions


Alternative Rock

Run Maggie Run
Lion Tamer

And Then Some – Audiotree (live)

The Castor Troys
A Broken Black Heart A Blank TV World Premiere!

Medicine Hat St.

Lava Dolls
Now You See Me (lyric video)

Island People
“Darlin” Official Music Video

Pet Sun
Web Of Man (official video)


Tomi Swick
Bad Things

Michelle Titian
DRIVE (Official Video)

Dave Pomfret
Ballad of the Bodybuilding Bandit

Chris Altmann and Dave Pomfret
Who Knows Where

Shanika Maria
Let Me Go

Tom and Thompson Wilson
Dreams Come and Go

People Get Ready by Sue Leonard
“Live at Lori Yates” backyard sessions August 2013

Lori Yates and Hey Stella
See Who I Am

Dan Edmonds
To Be That Needle

Matt Paxton
Shore Pine Walk

Terra Lightfoot
No Hurry


Nathan Fleet
Air Knob – Ultimate Air Battle