In Memory of Fabian
1996 – 2015
Passionate skater, surfer, and filmmaker

The release of Fabian, a music video directed by John Farr with music by Ferguson North, is a bold and beautiful offering combining Astrid Hepner’s ethereal saxophone with Tim Tickner’s electronic soundcraft. It is composed of video created by a young man named Fabian, a lover of art, nature, surfing and skating. The tasteful clips are a collection of dramatic surfing images, sunsets, underwater scenes, skateboarding, surfing and meditation. Ferguson North’s resonant, pulsating rhythms and uncannily simple five note melody evoke hidden emotions and elevate the video’s meaning inexplicably.

A third element appears. Poetry in a crystalline voice. The language is German. A brief translation goes like this:

In the most beautiful harmony, only seemingly hostile
Hidden and open are a thousand powers.

(The complete poem with English translation appears at the end.)*

The words grasp to help us find meaning as they slip into the emotional space opened up by the music and the images. The creation, the art, is complete.

The finished product is truly greater than the sum of the parts.**

Fabian is the second video released by Ferguson North, coming just one month after the duo came onto the scene with Shine. We have a rich body of work unfolding before our eyes. These videos are giving presence and additional momentum to Ferguson North’s debut EP EINS.

Ferguson North is Astrid Hepner and Tim Tickner.

Tim – the composer – has written and produced for Diana Ross, the Boomers, Alice Cooper and has won multiple major awards, including craft awards for arrangement, sound design and composition.

Astrid is a saxophonist from Cologne, Germany trained in jazz composition and performance. She has recorded and performed internationally with a diverse roster of artists including Latin music legend Tito Puente, drummer Keith Carlock as well as her own former NY City based band, Astrid Hepner and Funkmeister.

Ferguson North creates musical landscapes that don’t naturally fit into one particular genre. They like to be flexible and free to let each song express its own ideas and stand on its own, without the need to be restricted by an overriding theme.

They are equally influenced by the Miles Davis/Joe Zawinul Syndicate and German electronica scene (Booka Shade – Frankfurt, Kraftwerk, Can).

Ferguson North will soon be seeing their music playing out in new ways during a series of planned events scheduled for a six-month run in near future. Tentatively called Soundhaus, and timed to coincide with James North art crawl on the second Friday of the month, these musical gatherings will create “an immersive sonic experience” guided by the duo’s shared passion for eclectic grooves, textures, colours, sound quality, the artful combination of organic instruments melded with modern, cutting edge production, and spectacular lighting.

This is all about the evolution of musical composition involving total exploration of melody and rhythm; sound and production technology. And Soundhaus will not merely celebrate isolated, static pieces of music, but rather a creative idea that brings people together for a unique experience.

I believe Hamilton is ready for it.



*Poem in German by Karl Frohme. English, in red, translated by Astrid Hepner

Es wirkt Natur in ihren weiten Reichen
Nature is at work in its vast realms
Nach festem Plan, nach dauernden Gesetzen,
According to a firm plan, according to permanent laws,
Ein ewig Schaffen, Stürzen und Zersetzen,
An eternal creation, falling and decomposing,
Ein Ineinanderweben sondergleichen.
An interweaving unparalleled.

Zum Guten bildend das vermeintlich Schlechte,
For the better, the supposedly bad,
Zu Riesenkörpern die Atome einend,
To unite the atoms to giant bodies,
In schönster Harmonie, nur feindlich scheinend,
In the most beautiful harmony, only seemingly hostile
Versteckt und offen treiben tausend Mächte.
Hidden and open are a thousand powers.

Laß Meist’rin die Natur dir immer sein,
Let nature be your master,
Geplagter Mensch, von ihrem Wirken lerne
To unite the atoms to giant bodies,
Die kleinste Kraft dem Dienst im Ganzen weih’n.
To dedicate the smallest power to serve the universe

Nicht in erträumter, märchenhafter Ferne
Not in dreamed, fabulous distance
Such’ dir dein Glück, halt dich ans eigne Sein:
Seek your luck, hold your own:
„In deiner Brust sind deines Schicksals Sterne!”
“In your own breast, you will find the stars of your destiny”

Karl Frohme


** The 2013 Lee Skinner video Kathy Lee  featuring Jessy Lanza’s music does the same thing. The video stands as its own work of art, and is more than the images and the song; it is something completely apart and unique.