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Cross-club Collaboration: Hamilton Bars Form The “Live Music Venue Alliance”

By Jeffrey Martin The establishment of the Live Venue Music Alliance in 2015 may be another first of its kind in Canada. Music strategy team member Lou Molinaro (This Ain’t Hollywood) co-chairs the Alliance, and says the group really reflects the spirit of the Hamilton music community at large – collaborative, friendly, supportive. “It’s given us an opportunity to learn about each other’s rooms and the obstacles each of us face, and how to improve the audience experience. We all recognize and respect each other, and vibe and direction of our respective music presentation. My peers in Toronto were...

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The Old Centenary Church Is Setting Out To Transform Into Hamilton’s Newest Music Venue

… there are some exciting and lofty transformative and forward-looking ideas in the air for New Vision Church (formerly known as Centenary United Church at the northeast corner of MacNab and Main across from the bus terminal). These hopes and dreams are fitting for this grand old building, situated in the heart of downtown, having acoustic properties, heritage value, and room to seat over 300 to 1200 people.

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