“Paradise” Video Premieres on American Songwriter, Single Streams Today

“A roots rocker with a powerful voice and a bad-ass Gibson SG that she plays with consummate ease…

“… she could be your new rock ’n’ roll hero. Drawing from rock, soul & blues, Terra Lightfoot is a monster talent that will be gracing the world’s largest stages in no time.” – PopMatters

“Lightfoot crafts ballads and barnburners that hearken back to the past, delivered with fresh energy.” – BUST

(Hamilton, ON, August 17, 2017) Fans of Canada’s Terra Lightfoot know that the soulful rocker is an astonishing talent. That’s more obvious than ever with today’s reveal of a new video for the lead single off her forthcoming studio album. “Paradise” will be available for streaming and download stores as of today. Lightfoot’s upcoming full-lengthNew Mistakes is set for release on October 13, 2017 on Sonic Unyon Records, with pre-orders available now.

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The “Paradise” video, directed by Dustin Rabin (photographer for Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, and director of performance-based videos for Billy Talent), sees its premiere via American Songwriter, a publication whose appreciation of all genres of music dovetails with Lightfoot’s own panoramic musical vision.

The artist’s strengths as a songwriter, vocalist and performer, memorably showcased on her last studio outing, Every Time My Mind Runs Wild, are even more evident here. With New Mistakes, Lightfoot offers up something rare: the kind of genuine document that can only come from a road-tested breed of songwriter and performer.

Photo by Ivan Sorensen

Terra Lightfoot on stage. Photo by Ivan Sorensen

Shot through with the guitarist-vocalist’s powerful, bluesy soul, vivid lyrics and ferocious six-string virtuosity, it’s an unforgettable outing. From the ground-shaking stomp of “Paradise” and wild-eyed energy of “Pinball King” that open the set to the psychedelic, gospel-tinged album closer “Lonesome Eyes,” the steeltown native’s third studio record distills her masterful talent to its electrifying essence. She has some heavyweight friends along for the ride, too: Jake Clemons of the E Street Band brings a muscular sax solo to “Hold You,” while “Slick Back Kid” gets tangy slide guitar work from guest vocalistOliver Wood of The Wood Brothers.

Produced by Gus van Go and Werner F, New Mistakes is a heady journey. As poignant as it is rollicking and vulnerable as it is rowdy, it cruises long and sometimes lonesome highways that lead everywhere from broke down dive bars and endless prairie skies to mountain ranges and the Mojave Desert.

Terra Lightfoot on “Paradise”

For me, “Paradise” is about letting go of perfection in love. It’s not wrestling with the problems and missteps in our relationships but embracing them. I think it’s a more realistic way to look at love and it gives me some comfort to know I’m not standing there with rose-coloured glasses on.

“Paradise” actually started out as a different song called “Thunder” that was a huge hit at our shows. On the last day of tracking the record, I had this crazy idea that I wanted to change the words because I wasn’t happy with all of them, so I set up a pillow fort and a guitar in the tracking room, went to work… and ended up with a new verse melody and completely different lyrics. Gus and Werner liked the new verse so much they said, “Okay, now go write a chorus to match that verse” — and “Paradise” was born!