Step Forward And Count Yourself In

[August 2017] Welcome! You are viewing our site in its brand-new inaugural version. August is our “fast ramp-up” month. September is a big public launch.

A special welcome to members, friends, and associates of the Music Industry Working Committee!

We’re excited about you being here as one of our first visitors, whether you’re a musician, music business owner, music supporter or fan.

Our goal as the Music Industry Working Committee is to engage everyone in “all things music” in greater Hamilton.

Please do one, or all of these things to help get our site rocking for the big public launch in September!

  1. Add yourself to our Directory. Should take about 15 minutes. This is the way you can step up and say “Count Me In!”
  2. Get your Event Listings updated using our OntarioLiveMusic database.
  3. Check out our Playlists. If you want to be considered, or have a suggestion, email us at or use the form on our contact page. If you’re on one of our playlists, please acknowledge it by adding yourself into the directory. Feel free to suggest another YouTube video for a future playlist edition. We can also form Soundcloud and Vimeo playlists.
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  7. Send us a note, say hello, and tell us if there is some item we need to tweak

Thanks, and best regards. We’re counting on you.

Much love,

Your Hamilton City Of Music website team