(Hamilton, ON) This is one for the history books, folks. On July 12, 2017, Mackenzie Kristjon’s rock and roll brand THIS MAD DESIRE released its new single and video Operators Are Standing By at CoMotion on King (115 King St. E.).

The event itself featured the Worldwide Premiere of the video, dancers, and a live set by THIS MAD DESIRE. The 7-piece band was accompanied by two dancers from the music video, which can be seen at the Digital Canaries YouTube channel.

The song was written by Mackenzie Kristjon and produced by Mark Zubek (Zedd Records) who has won the John Lennon Songwriting Competition not once but twice. To his credit, Mackenzie also won a national songwriting competition when he was sixteen. 😉 For more information on Mark, please visit www.zeddrecords.com.

The video is co-produced by Mackenzie Kristjon and Simon Winterson of Digital Canaries, where the madness was filmed. Simon Winterson is also the Director for this music video.

For those who have not had the pleasure, Digital Canaries is an immense film studio with a large number of standing sets including a courthouse, the White House Oval Office, a jail, a hospital, some houses, etc. Blow your mind at www.digitalcanaries.com.

Need more info?

Operators Are Standing ByContact Mac at mackenzie.kristjon@mac.com or 905.962.3827.

Purchase Music: thismaddesire.bandcamp.com
twitter: @thismaddesire
instagram: @thismaddesire

Photo credit for featured image: Andrew McPhail

Photo credit for the hospital photograph: Victoria Somers